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Oh, the Joy to Be in Kindergarten Mode Again

Laarni San Juan

I must have been a great kindergartener because four decades later, I still play life by the rules, listen with intent, and expect others to do the same. I call people on their game when they lie, cheat and steal. That’s what 5 year olds do best — they tattle on others who are not playing fair. Lately, however, with my eyes wide open and my heart pounding with frustration at the senseless crimes, killings, and law-breaking losers, I’m convinced that we are living in a downward spiral of hopelessness. The good-hearted stewards who are working their asses off to do the right thing and unconditionally help others are offset by the jokers who are clogging up pathways with their cold, conniving, lame, and ignorant ways of life. There’s more of them that are taking up space and creating more oxygen-void noise in our already cold, static-filled times. Maybe the only solution to detoxify my wide eyes and frustrated heart is to move to some remote area of the world to sidestep the hopelessness that is tarnishing my kindergartener perspective that I once enjoyed and lived for.