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Laarni San Juan

I come from a huge family clan. While that’s a blessing, that also means I attend a lot of funerals. I walk away from memorials thinking about the loved ones that lost a beloved. Life just changed in ways that has never been felt by them before. At the same time, those who have passed on would likely say “live out loud and don’t miss out on living the best life you could.”

When It Hurts

Laarni San Juan

We all experience some sort of hurt and disappointment in life. It’s ongoing, really. The toddler who doesn’t get that piece of candy can turn a tantrum into a hurricane-like meltdown. The teen who doesn’t get picked for the team sport or prom court can really sting. Adults who don’t get the job after 3 rounds of interviews can experience hopelessness.

What to do when that happens? Simple answer is to get back up but I understand it’s easier to say than do depending on past experiences. For some, getting back up with the same amount of mojo seems un-doable because getting rejected often can surely wear on self-esteem and confidence. I know that feeling and it still happens in my life today.

What I have learned is NOT to take those seemingly hurtful and disappointing situations personally. Hash out what happened, figure out areas to work on, digest it, and move on. MOVE ON. Don’t stay stuck on that ugly moment. If you can’t get out of stuck mode, call a trusted friend. Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves talk it out and come up with our own answers of HOW to move on. All this work (which can feel daunting and hard) is all part of nurturing that part of ourselves that needs constant love and attention. It’s your life, right?

Tell Your Story

Laarni San Juan

Ever sit in a classroom and try to remember all that was being said? Our brain can only take in so much. However, when stories are told, it’s a lot easier to remember the concept and the feeling we had when we heard the information. Tell your story in your voice and your audience will recall it long after you walk away.

Which One Are You: Cheese Stick or Wood?

Laarni San Juan

If you rub two pieces of wood together, you get a fire. That spark can make a difference. It can shine light where it’s dark. If you rub two pieces of cheese sticks together, what happens? Not much. You have two pieces of cheese sticks.


Laarni San Juan

Feeling unmotivated can weigh so heavy. Hashtag the struggle is real. Can feel like a ton and can feel impossible to shake off. One way to overcome it is to go out and meet people. Get the strength to look out and up. Listen intently especially to those who inspire you to take action. You will thank yourself later.

Be careful

Laarni San Juan

Don’t get so numb that you can’t see the sunshine when the sun comes out. It’s hard to feel joy in your heart when the sign says ‘closed’🦋

Don’t judge until you’ve Tried it

Laarni San Juan

Don’t judge a book by its cover if you haven’t read the book.

Don’t judge an amusement park (like Disneyland or a fun place) unless you’ve actually bought a ticket AND you go in AND ride the rides AND eat the popcorn.

Standing at the fence watching people having the experience is NOT the same as actually having the real experience. 

Can't Undo Toast

Laarni San Juan

Once the bread is put in the oven, it works its way to a different form. The bell dings and what you started with is now crispier and hotter. When we want to toast, we hope for those results. Once the process starts, we can’t revert back to the original slice of bread. Time will reveal the shape and content. We patiently wait next to the oven and watch the transformation. If we’re not paying attention, what we’re trying to change gets burnt. Pay attention to the process and look forward to the toast.

Burned Out or Bored?

Laarni San Juan

It could be both. Those feelings can be experienced simultaneously and after awhile it feels like a dog chasing its tail. I know that feeling all too well. Been through a couple rounds in my life. Sometimes you need to throw yourself your own life jacket to stop the drowning. There’s people around you that can help. Reach out. There’s always a solution and supporters cheering you on.