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Where my mind wanders, rests, and flows


Reality Check

Laarni San Juan

Life went on a different path since 2012 when reality of how the world works showed up: systems revealed their true colors and I was angry, frustrated, and disappointed. Was hard to shake off as much as books, therapists, and good-meaning circles offered to help. I had good days but I found myself living in toxic thoughts on a lot of days.

My health started to fail. I felt off and I knew I was really robbing family of my best self. Wasn’t fair to them that I couldn’t get myself and my thoughts to be more positive.

I learned a lot during this particular chapter in my life: in order to grow and access the desires in life, asking for MORE doesn’t work. 

What works is ELIMINATING barriers, thoughts, and distractions that get in the way of the abundance to flow through. I had to get rid of a bunch of things including people, material goods, and most importantly my negative thoughts and wow, life has a different view. There’s new streams coming in and it all starts with that tiny step of getting rid of crap that no longer serves.

2019, where you at???