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Where my mind wanders, rests, and flows


Quakes and Identity

Laarni San Juan

Last night I did a presentation and let the audience know that I have a deep thirst for knowledge and so got a masters degree in public health. I love learning systems and examining WHY people do what they do. The constant denominator of my journey since childhood has been studying systems, helping others, and seeing them win in life. That's my drug. As humans we were meant to co-create, build communities, and thrive. When the human spirit thrives, living WITH LIFE happens.

The more I speak each night, the more I can feel the shift in my own IDENTITY. My breath becomes louder and my core does earthquake somersaults. Things jolt and I ENJOY it. God, I enjoy it. I am shedding my former identity and coming into the new. Its like a chameleon in an earthquake. Shedding and changing are part of the human condition. Fear can get in the way of what could be. The best part of the process is knowing I am alive, anew, and even more convicted to be a servant leader to others.