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Where my mind wanders, rests, and flows


I Believe I Can Fly

Laarni San Juan

I did it! Dared myself to bungee jump in a Mexican jungle, soar through the air and face heights I never thought I could conquer. Confession: this personal development stuff has gotten me obsessed. Oh-em-jee, it’s really an obsession. No one will do this hard work for me except myself.  No one. Passively sitting around thinking some miracle DIY spaceship with a banner “happiness has arrived” will land on the kitchen table is never going to happen. Ever. This personal development journey is about sitting quietly with oneself, answering the real hard questions about life, all the while coming head on with the nasty skeletons of the past. It's work but necessary work. It’s about saying bye-bye to the lame sh** and finding higher ground to live by. THE best part of dealing with pain is rebounding from it, looking back, and then giving it the finger. This is my movement and it feels great to be obsessed about it. 

I have decided to spice up my growthwork by mixing it with travel. It’s a win-win.  I have made a  decision to journal, blog, meditate, and carry out my entrepreneurial ways in different parts of the world. Why not? My modern heart says to take it up a notch, Laarni, turn up the volume, and live more fruitfully by keeping an open mind and seeing what's out there.