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Tis' the Season


Where my mind wanders, rests, and flows


Tis' the Season

Laarni San Juan

Tis' the season to be reflective and push that gratitude button. Should be 365 days a year but hey, it's a good reminder especially when the scenery is of white fluffy snow (nature speaks), people making plans to see family and friends (humans thrive), and just overall giddy-ness to celebrate births and new beginnings (the life journey continues). When I was young, it was pretty standard to decorate the house with all things holiday and even burn cinnamon-scented candles.  The past five years I noticed myself shift my decorative desires to a more simplistic one of lights, maybe a tree, and placing gifts received in a special place in the living room.  The lights, colorful paper, bows, and thoughtfulness are filling enough and enormously remind me of how wonderful it is be ALIVE.  I am thankful that there is light, that color fills our world, that bows add the extra special touch, and that there are caring people out there in this world.  Wishing all much joy and peace inside so all that can be given outward big time in 2018.