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parenting guidance

Parenting is a unique journey, an unpredictable ride where children reap the effects from those who guide and teach them.  The complexities of parenting are influenced by upbringing, life experiences, and everyday environments.  Parents today are faced with ongoing (often unsolicited) messages from friends, co-workers, elderly, school parents, neighbors, and literally anyone who has the need to give parenting advice. While parenting offers joyful and satisfying moments, the journey itself can also bring confusion, fear and uncertainty.  

All children go through developmental stages. Period. Understanding the stages are key for parents to survive, appreciate, and enjoy what their children bring to interactions and relationships. The two-year-old exploring the world is a pro at saying “no” and having tantrums. ALL toddlers go through this stage.  The tween favoring their friends’ opinions over the wisdom-filled parents can be unnerving. ALL tweens go through this stage.

The conflict (or what can “feel” conflictual) between a parent and child can easily derail a once close bond to one that can feel miles apart. Effective information and guidance can empower parents to understand and enjoy what children bring to life’s colorful canvas.

I am available for parenting guidance.

One-on-one / group / presentation speaker

I have over two decades of experience working directly with parents, listening to stories, teaching parenting classes, supporting the trials and challenges of new and experienced parents, advocating for families, and offering nuggets of effective parenting information at invited presentations, radio, community events, and print.

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, advocate, and nurse who keenly understands today’s life complexities and is available to share  knowledge to further fill your 'parenting tool bag'.

I provide parenting information, child development, and positive discipline techniques over the phone or in person. I have extensive experience in numerous topics including tantrums, communication, hard to discuss topics (ie sex, drugs, substance use), difficult behaviors, consequences, and much more.