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Basic Resume

Having a clear and concise resume increases your chances of getting noticed.

A simple and well-done resume can open doors to employment and life-changing opportunities. 

Tally up your life milestones, accomplishments, employment, school, and life experiences. Capture who you are on to a resume. Have an updated version at all times to remind yourself how far you have come and how much further you want to go. 

A clear and concise resume increases your chances of getting noticed.

The customer and I assess our fit to work together. We connect on the phone or in person where we begin the exploration of skills, knowledge, and experience. 

I strive to create an effective resume with an emphasis of tailoring the accomplishments to opportunities sought.

For the past 25 years, I have successfully created resumes and helped land interviews for job seekers. I have worked with scientists, college graduates pursuing their first job, seasoned professionals wanting to update their resumes, new immigrants needing assistance with English grammar, retirees desiring to try new jobs, and graduate students aiming to get into competitive fields.  I have also worked with busy parents needing help in capturing all the sports, academic achievements, and school events into a comprehensive list useful for memory’s sake and application to future schools.

No matter your circumstance, you have the strengths, skills and Grit to live the life you want