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~ Laarni

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Laarni San Juan

Living a sweet and focused life starts with you. If you believe there is more to life than the 9-5, follow us on social media. If you want more fun, joy, purpose, connections and fulfillment, be part of the movement. Explore the world, travel, and help others along the way. It's a win-win lifestyle. Laarni San Juan promises to help you access the life you want.

Hello! I'm Laarni and I'm an enthusiast of things and concepts that help people live Their vErsion of a fulfilled liFe

My journey of bucked teeth and thick glasses in adolescence has reinforced my belief that circumstances do change with time, willingness, and patience.

Anything is possible as long as there is the desire to want it and the mindset to do it.

For the past 26 years as a registered nurse with a masters degree in public health, I passionately poured my heart and helped countless friends, family, and strangers. It's a rewarding feeling to be part of one's healing, joys, as well as challenges.


As the ultimate caretaker, I BURNED OUT.

I was not taking time to replenish my own soul. I felt FRUSTRATED and DEFLATED.

I daydreamed of a fun and fancy lifestyle but was too TIRED and TRAPPED in "there is no way I can do that" kind of thinking.

I was raised to believe that I should be happy, stick to the same job, and the same routine until I turned 65. Serious?

I knew there has to be a way to help others, make a living, and have a fulfilling lifestyle all at the same time.

have you ever felt…

👉🏼 Burned out from the 9-5 and want more fun to be part of your daily routine?

👉🏼 Wanting to travel more and see new places with family and friends?

👉🏼 Craving more joy, connections and fulfillment?

👉🏼 Overwhelmed with how to begin to create what you really want in life?

Well…Guess what?

There is a modern way of living that answers that longing for something more

👉🏼THere’s an invitation just for yoU

Simply Ask Yourself:

Am I finally ready to change my life up a bit?

When the mind opens to possibility, things start to happen...

Overlooking Central Park in New York🗽

Overlooking Central Park in New York🗽


  • Wheel of Fortune Contestant (played ro-sham-bo with Pat Sajak)

  • Danced on stage in a 12,000+ crowd while Shaquille O'Neal dj'd my business event

  • Radio show guest and talked about:

    • "Our Children are Watching Us: How to Maintain Clarity and Focus in the New Year"

    • "Anatomy of a Tantrum: How to Deal with It Without Losing Yourself"

    • "Ways to Raise Children in a Positive Way"

  • Selfie with President Obama in a Chicago hotel lobby before his NATO Summit gig

  • Ad in Sports Illustrated magazine (not for the swimsuit issue) for a healthcare commercial

  • Advocate for a major hospital to stay in the community

  • Workshop facilitator for rehabilitating drug addicts on "Getting a Grip" on their health

  • Yoga on the grass of ATT Park home of the San Francisco Giants

  • Volunteer as an alumni College Ambassador at college fairs

  • Went to Paris to explore Disneyland and re-connect with French language studied for four years 


the SWEET and FOCUSED LIFE starts with you