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Childhood Messages

Laarni San Juan

I taught parenting classes for years. It was one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. Everyone has a story to share and most humans desire same for their young: safety and security.

Each class always led back to this question: what were the messages YOU heard when you were a child about Parenting? Money? Relationships? Handling conflict? Community building? List goes on.

It’s only until we recognize our own (cultural) context and upbringing can we change, enhance, or motivate ourselves and others. There’s always room to evolve into the person you want to be. 

Advantage of Uncertainty

Laarni San Juan

Even when feeling unsure happens, the other side of the coin says “well, that uncertainty going on…. step into it and see what is waiting for you.”

Screen Time and Living Your Best Life: Is it Possible?

Laarni San Juan

Life is flowing and moving faster than we humans can keep up because technology is so much part of our lives. We can’t deny it. Even the avoiders and naysayers (referring to the generation who say they don’t use remote controls or smart gadgets) eventually are on it. Wait, where’s your phone? Oh yeah, it’s likely in your hand or 10 feet away. Looking at screens consume a majority of our days (and nights). It’s a crazy thought that many of us can’t live without our phones or an internet connection. It is so easy to let time slip by because screens consume our attention. That mindless scrolling easily wastes so much time and energy that our own goals we set out to do keep getting pushed back. Damnit. Is it possible to take in all this technology and still feel fully present and productive with ourselves? How would it feel if you can live your best life WITH the tech, the social media, and stuff that really mattered to you? Anything is possible in life. Anything. I know first hand that it is.

That Path Called Life

Laarni San Juan

Life is definitely not a perfect path. There are so many pitfalls, barriers and mind trips along the way that prevent things from happening the way we want. Find it in you to overcome the obstacles. You have the answers. You really do. Go out and get it!💥

Resiliency Factor

Laarni San Juan

As children, we are pretty good at following directions by the age of 5. When the teacher says to stand in a straight line, kids stand in a straight line and even help others do what the head of the classroom says. Children learn that police officers enforce laws and rules. If the doctor says to take a specific medication, most are inclined to follow the orders. At a young age, a child learns how systems work as well as how the simplest of systems fail. Depending on the child’s environment, the language of failure can easily embed itself into the thinking patterns. One can define failure as not winning, not succeeding at a given task, or giving up. What do children who experience failure do? Do they perceive the situation as lights out and never come out of the dark room or do they embrace the situation and actually see light at the end of the tunnel? That’s the resiliency gradient. We have to ability to strengthen that resiliency muscle at any age. Just depends on whether we want to or not.

Awareness of your own resiliency range can assist you in understanding how much you can and want to achieve in life. 


Laarni San Juan

Had dinner with an old childhood friend recently. We haven’t seen each other in over 7 years but we do “see” one another on Facebook. I can tell she had a pep in her step just by her genuine smile, her stories of accomplishment, low points that didn’t stay low for long, and her excitable demeanor that could light up a dim room. I repeatedly told her that her positivity was a breath of fresh air! It was an amazing feeling to be in the company of someone who strives for more in life. After two hours of nonstop chatter (we had a lot to catch up on), we both happily admitted that we love reading books on leadership, success, and self-care. My friend is currently getting her doctorate in the nursing field. We both know that teaching post-grad wouldn’t exactly bring in huge waves from an income perspective but the bigger question was: what’s the return on investment? Reading alone is big but the act of APPLYING and DOING what is read (aka investing in oneself) is even bigger. Turning up the volume on personal growth is an amazing task with a big ROI.