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Where my mind wanders, rests, and flows


Burned Out or Bored?

Laarni San Juan

It could be both. Those feelings can be experienced simultaneously and after awhile it feels like a dog chasing its tail. I know that feeling all too well. Been through a couple rounds in my life. Sometimes you need to throw yourself your own life jacket to stop the drowning. There’s people around you that can help. Reach out. There’s always a solution and supporters cheering you on.

What Happened When

Laarni San Juan

2005 was the year I found out I had premature ovarian failure which is another way of saying early menopause. I was only 37 and I have to admit I was devastated because I did NOT expect that one coming. I was healthy. I worked out. I never experienced symptoms that would cause me to worry about that part of my health. This condition has also accelerated other stuff going on: osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, cholesterol issues. Sheesh. Today I live with those conditions but I haven’t let it stop me from living intentionally. 2005 was also the year my cousin Rodney unexpectedly passed away. He was only 28. We grew up together and til this day, there’s no explanation to his death.

Life is unpredictable. Can’t say what will happen tomorrow. All I know is that we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to make the most of each moment with what matters to the heart.

Hanging on to beliefs and self-talk that doesn’t fuel purpose or passion is a recipe to a miserable and unfulfilled life. I share that because I know the feeling of having negative and limiting thoughts. Life is too precious to waste time⏱

How Failing Made Me Stronger

Laarni San Juan

I didn’t tell my parents that I needed glasses in the 4th grade. I squinted real bad and basically encroached on my classmates for homework assignments. I flunked a high school math class. I had no chance of being noticed by popular kids because I didn’t feel popular-worthy. I failed a college health course. The list goes on. The best part of all those life moments is that I can look back, laugh, and remind myself that those were just hiccups in life. Yeah, my ego was bruised up but I knew that staying stuck and allowing myself to swim in the mud in my mind was just another way of telling myself that I give up.  Despite the pain and struggles, I managed to get through and actually accomplish more in my life than I ever thought possible. 

Life isn’t just about success. It’s about going through the motions and the feelings of failure, disappointment, and frustration and getting back up each and every time. You won’t know your true abilities unless you’ve fallen a couple 1000s of times.


Childhood Messages

Laarni San Juan

I taught parenting classes for years. It was one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. Everyone has a story to share and most humans desire same for their young: safety and security.

Each class always led back to this question: what were the messages YOU heard when you were a child about parenting? money? relationships? handling conflict? community building? The list goes on.

It’s only until we recognize our own cultural context and upbringing can we change, enhance, or motivate ourselves and others. There’s always room to evolve into the person you want to be. 

Advantage of Uncertainty

Laarni San Juan

Even when feeling unsure happens, the other side of the coin says “well, that uncertainty going on…. step into it and see what is waiting for you.”

Screen Time and Living Your Best Life: Is it Possible?

Laarni San Juan

Life is flowing and moving faster than we humans can keep up because technology is so much part of our lives. We can’t deny it. Even the avoiders and naysayers (referring to the generation who say they don’t use remote controls or smart gadgets) eventually are on it. Wait, where’s your phone? Oh yeah, it’s likely in your hand or 10 feet away. Looking at screens consume a majority of our days (and nights). It’s a crazy thought that many of us can’t live without our phones or an internet connection. It is so easy to let time slip by because screens consume our attention. That mindless scrolling easily wastes so much time and energy that our own goals we set out to do keep getting pushed back. Damnit. Is it possible to take in all this technology and still feel fully present and productive with ourselves? How would it feel if you can live your best life WITH the tech, the social media, and stuff that really mattered to you? Anything is possible in life. Anything. I know first hand that it is.

That Path Called Life

Laarni San Juan

Life is definitely not a perfect path. There are so many pitfalls, barriers and mind trips along the way that prevent things from happening the way we want. Find it in you to overcome the obstacles. You have the answers. You really do. Go out and get it!💥